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Why Goslyn?

    The Goslyn Automatic Grease Removal Device is a point of source FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease, and Solids) Separator. When FOGS enter your wastewater lines from sinks or dishwasher the begin to accumulate and can lead to expensive and disruptive line blockages.

    This can lead to overflows, fines, and sometimes even temporary store closures. What's worse is that it requires expensive line jetting or in worse cases expensive line replacement. This is not only disruptive to your clients and staff, but can lead to fines from the City, County, or State. 

    In some cases, The Goslyn can even be used in lieu of a traditional grease interceptor. This can massively reduce the cost and disruption to retrofit or maintain existing buildings needing solutions for wastewater management.