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Goslyn Automatic Grease Removal Devices

Grease removal doesn't have to be a smelly headache. The Goslyn aims to prevent all of the headaches that come with grease traps and other grease interceptors. 

The Goslyn™ Automatic Grease Removal Device is designed to prevent Fats, Oils, Grease & Solids (FOGS) from going down your drain.

As a result, The Goslyn AGRD will eliminate food processing & preparation costs associated with blockages and grease trap pumping. 

The patented operating technology of Goslyn™ separators virtually eliminates FOGS in waste water effluent. There are no moving parts to break and no messy, time-consuming grease traps to clean. Plus…it's small footprint makes it easy to install in even the smallest prep kitchens.
Seeing the remarkable Goslyn™ Separator in action will provide you with a true sense of its highly efficient, brilliant design and compact “install anywhere” footprint.